Advanced Step Counter Walking Style Pro 2.0 Activity Monitor Black by Omron

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Product Description

  • Omron Walking Style Pro 2.0 Activity Monitor Advanced Step Counter – Black
  • Integrated USB
  • Bi-LINK online portal
  • Shows calories burned per day
  • Distance in km or miles
  • 3-dimensional sensor
  • Walking style Pro 2.0
  • The Walking style Pro 2.0 can track your activity levels. This step counter features the Omron 3D sensor to track your activity. It can be worn anywhere and it will still accurately record steps taken, distance travelled and calories burnt throughout the day.
  • The Walking style Pro 2.0 doesn’t just record steps, it enables you to access a visual representation of your activity via Omron’s Bi-LINK web based software with Gateway link for uploading data. It comes with an integrated USB that connects to Omron’s specially designed cloud web solution. All of the user’s data can be uploaded when the device is connected and you can track and trend progress over time.
  • Integrated USB:
  • Upload your data directly to your PC or laptop via Bi-LINK with free Gateway software for uploading data.
  • 3D sensor
  • 3 dimensional electronic sensor technology guarantees our most accurate measurement.
  • Aerobic step counter
  • If you walk faster than 60 steps per minute aerobic steps are calculated, this feature starts after 10 minutes of continuously walking at this pace.
  • Bi-LINK
  • Free web software that enables you download your data onto your PC or laptop.
  • Clock
  • In-built clock to keep track of how long you are exercising for.
  • Daily Steps
  • Calculates your total steps taken each day, a running total is displayed throughout each day.
  • Distance Counter
  • Calculates your total distance travelled in either kilometers or miles.
  • Calories burned
  • Gives you a total for each day of your calories burnt based on how far you’ve walked.
  • Memory
  • Includes a 21 day memory so that you only need to upload your data periodically. Note-only 7 days data can be viewed directly on the Walking style Pro. The remaining 14 days can only viewed once uploaded.


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