Kids Boys Girls Nightwear Dressing Gown Novelty Fun Robe Football Shark Camo


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The Ultimate Brand Store is bringing you these great novelty Christmas, Winter, Xmas kids dressing gowns in various designs, just in time for Christmas from 4Kidz.  Whether you prefer to be a Monkey, Bulldog, Unicorn, Football or Put on a Plain Snuggle dressing gown the choice is yours.  These snuggle plush fleece character or plain robes are a luxurious warm fabric and are soft and comforting to touch! 

  • 18C529-Charcoal or Deep blue Snuggle fleece with contrast tie and pockets – 2 pockets, hooded
  • 18C530-Black, grey or navy Snuggle fleece with contrast tie, cuffs and pockets – 2 pockets, hooded
  • 18C534- Mouse 2 Pockets & ears To Hood & Pink Tile to the back of the dressing gown
  • 18C520-Monkey 2 Pockets Monkey Face To Hood 
  • 18C526-Pather 2 Pockets Pather Face To Hood
  • 18C564-Bulldog 2 Pockets Bulldog Face To Hood 
  • 18C462-Cow 2 Pockets &  ears To Hood with Cow Face To Hood 
  • 18C546 – Snowflake – All Over Snowflake Design with Sparkling ‘QUEEN’ word to the Back 
  • 18C506 – Rocket – All Over Rocket, start and planet Design 
  • 18C551 – Football – All Over Soccer Ball and footballer Design
  • 18C542 – Unicorn- All Over Unicorn, Rainbow and heart  Design 
  • 18C551 – Gadient-Rainbow- All Over Rainbow colour Gradient DEsign
  • 100% Polyester


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