Megasketcher Fun Childrens No Mess Drawing Board with Eraser new TOMY-6555

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Product Description

• Megasketcher Classic is a magnetic drawing board for early development of creativity and motor skills.
• Enjoy mess free drawing using the attached pen!
• Includes 4 stampers – a paw, a star, a house and a spiral adding an extra element of fun to doodling and drawing!
• Magnetic screen clears by simply swiping the lever!

Requiring no batteries, ink or paper the Megasketcher Classic magnetic drawing board has a unique special screen that allows budding artists to draw clear, crisp pictures. To activate the Megasketcher, use a stamper all over the screen and clean with wipe button several times, before using for the first time.

Additional details:
Packaging size: 460mm x 350mm x 60mm
Recommended age: 3+


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