Mini Deep Fat Fryer Stainless Steel Chip Pan Tefal

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Product Description

The Mini Fryer couldn’t be simpler to use; flick the switch on the back and you’re ready to cook.

  • Elegant yet functional – the sleek Mini Fryer’s space-saving design makes it easy to carry and store
  • Using just 1000 W of power and 1 L of oil, you can cook 600 g of chips or any of your other favourite fried foods
  • A convenient cooking lid, complete with a viewing window and permanent metallic filter, allows you to monitor progress for ideal results every time
  • Stay in control thanks to an adjustable thermostat that lets you vary the oil temperature between 150 and 190 degrees Celsius
  • Fuss-free; the inner bowl is non-stick for ease of cleaning, while the lid and basket are dishwasher safe

Small, but has it all! MiniFryer is Tefal’s smallest fryer. And yet, it has it all!

  • 1. Prepare up to 600 g of chips, enough for 2 people, using only 1 liter of oil.
  • 2. Save oil, time, and even energy, as the appliance uses only 1000W of power.
  • 3. Can also be used to prepare tapas and other fried food: samosas, croquets, falafels, fried fish, churros, donuts, and more!


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