Remington Graphite G3, All-in-One Cordless Beard Trimmer, Body Groomer PG3000


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Product Description

The G3 Graphite Series contains the trimmers and combs you need for grooming on the go. The Graphite coated blades are designed to give you a precise and comfortable shave. Whatever your personal style, this kit has everything you need to achieve it.

Comes complete with a main trimmer for all types of facial hair, a linear nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer and a TST Trimmer giving you all the grooming tools you need in one kit.

The G3 Multi Grooming Kit has a selection of combs: adjustable comb (2-20mm) and fixed combs (1.5 & 3mm) for all hair lengths on the face and body, giving you all the tools you need for impeccable personal grooming.


Cutting lengths: 0.2-20mm.

16 hour charge time for 40 minutes of usage.

3 attachments include Main Trimmer, Detail Trimmer, Nose and Ear Trimmer, Adjustable Comb, 1.5mm comb, 3mm comb.

3 heads.

For dry use.

Cordless use.

Travel pouch.


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