Salter Digital Body Bathroom Scale Body Fat BMI, Ultra Slim with Toughened Glass

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Product Description

This uniquely designed analyser scale is perfect for those wanting to track detailed body measurements as part of a healthy lifestyle plan. Simply step on for an instant weight reading followed by your measurements of body fat, body water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR , Muscle mass an Bone mass to give you a clearer picture of your health. Designed with an 10 user memory and athlete mode, it’s suitable for a range of users.
Easy-to-read Display
Tired of squinting to see your weight measurements? This digital scale measures weight in your choice of units (kg, st, lb) and displays it clearly in the LCD, for easy to read measurements.
More Than Just Weight
Want to truly understand what you’re made of? These scales measure your BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Mass and Body Water Percentage. These specific measurements can help you to tailor a fitness plan for your specific body type.
Instant Weight Readings
Featuring our step-on technology, this scale can be set up to give you an instant weight reading. As long as the scale is not moved once initialised, you can simply step on for an immediate measurement.
Custom Modes
Set your own user profile for the scale to gain custom weight measurements specific for your body type. Get the whole family involved in a fitness journey together with individual profiles stored for you.
  • Ultraslim Toughened glass platform
  • Step on For instant Weight Reading
  • Clear LCD Display
  • Carpet feet to use on hard and carpeted surfaces
  • Measures Weight, BMI, Body Fat and Body Water, Muscle mass, Bone mass, BMR
  • Athlete Mode
  • 10 User Memory
  • Maximum Capacity 180 kg / 28 st 8lb / 400 lb


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